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Biologist Complies List of Companion Species
Present Alongside Prairie Dogs

     The Llano Estacado Native American Society's field biologist, J. Wiles, has compiled the following list of animals observed, while collecting PDs, at the Lubbock Waste Water Application site.  Even the casual observer would have to agree that any application of poisoning or other lethal control method would affect much more than the prairie dogs.

Western Tiger Salamander Burrowing Owl
Horned Lizard Badger
Cottontail Rabbit Jack Rabbit
Coyote Pocket Gopher
Deermouse Curlew
Mallard Killdeer
Meadowlark Whiteneck Raven
Black Vulture Redtail Hawk
Coachwhip Snake Swallowtail
Kestral Roughlegged Hawk
Bobwhite Quail Cattle Egret
Red Fox Ornate Box Turtle
Yellow Mud Turtle Bull Snake
Western Hognose Avocet
Swanson Hawk Horned Lark
Mourning Dove Whitewinged Dove
Barn Swallow Toad
Barn Owl