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Sign Placed by Protestors
at City Farm Site

     The Llano-Estacado Native American Society received the following pictures in an e-mail submission from a site visitor. While we endorse purely constructive means of making progress, the placement of these signs at or near the City Farm site does indicate the general level of frustration and strong view points about the issues.  The large sign depicts a prairie dog as though reaching for help, and another lying on its back, evidently dead.

     We encourage open, progress-oriented dialogue about proper prairie dog management, and the sometimes emotion-charged debate over prairie dogs is a reality.  It is obvious that the fate of the prairie dogs at the City Farm site runs the gamut from the tangible to the intangible, the creative to the destructive, the responsible to the irresponsible. Our site will continue to serve as a message board, sounding board and general tracking mechanism of all events pertinent to the fate of the PDs—and all affected wildlife—at the City Farm site.