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Letter—Generous Prairie Dog Support

Jean Jones
P. 0. Box 164
Tucumcari, NM  88401

June 24, 2002

Llano Estacado Native American Society PDS
P.O. Box 3992
Lubbock, Texas  79452

Dear Sir:

We are supporters of prairie dogs in general and have had pet prairie dogs for some years now. We appreciate their intelligence, their ability to bring joy into our lives and the contribution to the wonderful world of wildlife.

Please find enclosed our donation of $300.00 toward the effort to relocate the native prairie dogs in the Lubbock area. We have been acquainted with Linda Watson and Dr. Jimmy Gleason for several years and appreciate their efforts to preserve the colonies of little animals which inhabit the prairie dog towns in Texas.

We are also including some pictures of the praine dogs we have had the privilege to know and enjoy. They have added color and love to our family and continue to do so. If these pictures can be used to possibly endear people to the little animals and pique their curiosity for further education about these valuable and loving little creatures please feel free to use the pictures in any way that will be of help.

Our very best wishes in your endeavors. I hope that we can be advised as to the outcome of your effort.


Jean Jones