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The Eric Harborne Research Foundation
Offers Full Endorsement & Support

     The Eric Harborne Research Foundation, a privately-endowed charitable foundation, has provided generous support to Project:  Prairie Dog, and the Llano Estacado Native American Society extends its sincerest gratitude, to the board of the Foundation and everyone who was involved with that support.  In addition to financial support, land is also being provided as a permanent haven for some of the relocated PDs, and the associated ecosystem that will then grow around them.

July 29, 2002

To Whom It May Concern:

     This letter is to acknowledge the superior services of Ms. Lynda Watson & Associates, Lubbock, Texas, in the successful relocation (Feb. 2000) of the entire Black-tailed prairie dog colony from the Bill Hornick Ranch (Fort Worth, Texas) to the Dallas Nature Center property adjoing the eastern perimeter of the Joe Poole Lake State Park at Cedar Hill, Texas. This was a very challenging, time-sensitive enterprise.

     Our selection criteria emphasized professional capability, plus demonstrated historical success, together with a technical methodology exhibiting the highest achievable humane treatment. From multiple applicants, this group, alone, fulfilled all of our requirements. Their performance on-site rewarded our judgement; they met and/or exceeded our requirements in all categories.

     Especially noteworthy was the fact that no other contractor had ever, previously, been so successful in the humane capture of the larger males as was Ms. Watson's group.

     Simply put, these people are, in our opinion, experts in this type of endeavor... and the best we have ever utilized.

     Additionally, the Harborne Foundation is currently evaluating mutliple candidate sites suitable for large (1000+ individuals) prairie dog relocation projects. From among these (all located in Northern or Western Texas), we intend to select four for project execution.

     The Eric Harbome Research Foundation is a private, NGO, endowed charitable foundation dedicated to preserving and restoring biologically consequential ecosystems. Among these, we consider the Black-tailed Prairie Dog as a principal component in the short-grass prairie systems of the Western and Southwestern U.S.

     One such project is being initiated at the old Maddin Ranch property near Colorado City, Texas. This property, deeded to the Native Prairie Association of North Texas (a non-profit organization), is being developed as a native plant and animal sanctuary. The Harbome Research Foundation has volunteered to attempt a restoration program for the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog on this property.

     The funding and execution of this effort will be performed immediately. Our ongoing research has confirmed, to our professional satisfaction, the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog to be a KEYSTONE species, representing a life-form which is especially important to the well-being and biological success of many other species. Additionally, we have determined the Maddin Ranch property to be nearly ideal as a restoration locale.

     The Principal Patron of the Foundation is Eric G. Harborne of Fort Worth, Texas and the minor patron and Chief Executive Officer is Brooks Bradley of Alvarado, Texas. We are a legally incorporated Charitable Foundation, which does not solicit or accept outside contributions.


Brooks Bradley
The Eric Harborne Research Foundation