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Please Meet Our
Great Donors & Supporters!

Endless Thanks to everyone who has supported Project: Prairie Dog. We simply cannot thank you enough for your kindness and your far-reaching vision.

"O Lord, how manifold are your works! In wisdom you made them all.  The earth is full of your possessions... living things both small and great."

Foundation, Corporate & Business Support
Lamper & Nicholsons, U.S.A., Inc.
Palm Beach, Florida
Jester Art Service
Lubbock, Texas
Eric Harborne Foundation
Fort Worth, Texas
The Martin-Vader Comp.
Lubbock, Texas
Private Support
Betsy Callis
Rutherfordton, North Carolina
Cathryn Cary
Seattle, Washington
Jolene & Stacy Cowan
West Texas
Inez Crawford
Lubbock, Texas

Maggie Durham
Lubbock, Texas

Rodrick Eyer
Melville, New York
Angela Green
St. Petersburg, Florida
Leah Guzman
Worchester, Massachusets
Jennifer Hommel
St. Petersburg, Florida
Dianne James
Wabash, Indiana
Mrs. Jean Jones
Tucumcari, New Mexico
Ron Kanwischer
Curtis, Nebraska
Terry Martin
Lubbock, Texas
Carla Mathis
West Texas
Karen & Roger McCauley
West Texas
Caryn Murray
Melville, New York
Robt Piatensi
Monee, Illinois
Melissa Raymond
E. Patchague, New York
Gena & Greg Seaberg
Everett, Washington
Rebecca Topping
Northport, New York
Phade Vader
Lubbock, Texas

{Please forgive our oversight if we have missed anyone... please let us know right away if we have!}