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Special Thanks to Dianne James
and "The James Gang"

     The Llano Estacado Native American Society, in behalf of Project:  Prairie Dog, extends a special thanks to Dianne James, of Wabash, Indiana, for keeping the lines of communication open during recent events with Project: Prairie Dog.  Her inspired, hard-work efforts will not be forgotten. She has supported The Project on many levels.

     Many of us have heard the story of the man walking along the beach after a storm, which was littered with hundreds and hundreds of washed up starfish.  He was picking up one at a time, and throwing it back into the surf. A passerby, after watching the man for a few minutes, countered him with "Why are you doing this... don't you see, there are hundreds, maybe thousands here."

     The man paid little notice to the passerby, and kept stooping to pick up a starfish, and send it back to the safety of the sea.

     "Well? Did you hear me? It won't make any difference..." the passerby continued to muse.

     Abruptly, the man stopped, whirled around and faced the passerby directly. He paused, raised one of the starfish in front of him, and said:

"It makes a difference to this one."

     The man then turned, and whirled the starfish into the surf. This story is true of any living creature, and it is true of the Lubbock Prairie Dogs. Thank you, Dianne, with every Yip ever yipped, thank you.

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