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"PROJECT: Prairie Dog"
Needs Your Help!

Lubbock, Texas was once the center of one of the largest prairie dog colonies ever to exist on the plains. By providing habitat for over 100 different species of animals, the prairie dog literally shaped and helped create the vast grasslands that Spanish explorers would later name the Llano Estacado, the Staked Plains.


Today, Lubbock sits atop a vast prairie dog graveyard, all killed in the name of progress. The animals that lived in harmony with the prairie dog are also all gone. No more bison, antelope, deer, or wild horses; sadly, even the grass is gone now. The native people no longer walk this land. The eagles have been driven away.

The largest remaining colony of prairie dogs in Lubbock County live on land that is owned and managed by the City of Lubbock. This land is used to dispose of wastewater generated by the city. Fifteen to twenty-five thousand prairie dogs make their homes on approximately 650 acres of land, where they have peacefully existed for generations.

Lubbock will be accepting bids soon to eradicate the prairie dogs. These animals will be poisoned or gassed, by the cheapest and most effective method, because it is deemed too expensive to move them to a safe location.

We, the native people of this land, cannot and will not accept that it is better to kill these animals than try to save them. Therefore, the Llano Estacado Native American Society is asking for your help.


PROJECT: PRAIRIE DOG is dedicated to finding new homes and moving as many prairie dogs from the City Water Application Site as is possible.

Already over 1000 animals have been moved and we have contacted many parks, zoos, and ranches that will provide safe haven for many, many more. These animals must first be captured, quarantined, and checked by a veterinarian before they can be introduced to their new homes.


This project will take many months to accomplish and will cost thousands of dollars. Our people cannot raise enough money alone to save these animals—please help us! We are asking everyone who cares about the fate of prairie dogs—and that of the nature that surrounds them—to help. Each contribution of $25.00 will fund the capture and relocation of one prairie dog family. These donations will provide a second chance for prairie dogs that cannot be allowed to vanish forever.

The Llano Estacado Native American Society is a non-profit service organization whose goal is to protect and preserve the cultural and natural heritage of the native people of Texas. We believe that all living things have a purpose and are deserving of our respect. It is not for any person to say that a living creature has no value. It is easy to find many excuses to justify the killing of these animals. It is more important that we understand their worth, their unique place on this earth. We must all work together to save them.

May the warm prairie winds always comfort you, and the sun always light your path.